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IBM Sales Mastery M2090-732 dumps practice questions answers

Which IBM SPSS Modeler edition is the best match for the below value proposition?
Combines predictive analytics on all data – structured and unstructured – with decision management capabilities to make
better decisions at the point of impact.
A. IBM SPSS Modeler Gold
B. IBM SPSS Modeler Premium
C. IBM SPSS Modeler Professional
D. All IBM SPSS Modeler editions share this value proposition
Correct Answer: D

Which is an example of an IBM SPSS Modeler Opportunity?
A. An on-line retailer is looking to deploy Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
B. An on-line retailer is looking to predict stock levels for its warehouses.
C. An on-line retailer is looking to measure activity on Social Media.
D. An on-line retailer is looking to report on transactions within a region.
Correct Answer: A

You have just finished a meeting with a Business Analyst where you learned about her need to gain greater insight into
the data in a CRM system which they just implemented, that her manager has provided her with a budget for this
project, and that it needs to be deployed in 90 days. What should you do with this information?
A. Enter this as an opportunity into Global Partner Portal.
B. Enter this as an opportunity into a spreadsheet.
C. Enter this as an opportunity via an e-mail message.
D. Enter this as an opportunity into dashboard report.
Correct Answer: D

What is the main purpose of segmentation algorithms in IBM SPSS Modeler?
A. To prepare a data set for optimal modeling.
B. To reduce data to a simpler form.
C. To divide the market or customer base into groups.
D. To discover linked purchases and other occurrences.
Correct Answer: C

Which step is considered to be high-risk when included in progressing an IBM SPSS Modeler opportunity?
A. ROI assessment
B. Executive-level agreement
C. Enablement assessment
D. Proof of Concept
Correct Answer: A

Which statement best describes the integration between IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS Modeler?
A. Data used in IBM Cognos BI and IBM TM1 is directly available to IBM SPSS Modeler, and results calculated are
available for reporting.
B. Data used in IBM Cognos BI and IBM TM1 is directly available to IBM SPSS Modeler, and results can be written to
the database for IT to make available for reporting.
C. Data used in IBM Cognos BI and IBM TM1 is exported into a file and then read into IBM SPSS Modeler for further
D. IBM SPSS Modeler creates an IBM Cognos report that can be added to an IBM Cognos BI dashboard.
Correct Answer: A

Which description of value would be correct to share when speaking with Sales and Marketing Executives about IBM
SPSS Modeler?
A. Improve customer intimacy, Improve cross sell close rate, Improve customer retention
B. Improve customer growth, Improve customer retention, Improve visualization
C. Enhanced process monitoring, Advanced use of business rules, Real time feedback
D. Improve customer intimacy, Improve customer lifetime value, Improve customer retention
Correct Answer: A

An insurance executive is looking for a solution to predict fraudulent claims before they are processed, customer churn
and field agent allocation. What other use-case might she be interested in for IBM SPSS Modeler?
A. Real time scoring
B. Enforcing fine-grained security entitlements
C. Streamlining the edit-build-debug cycle
D. Customer Intimacy
Correct Answer: A

What is NOT a key competitive differentiator of IBM SPSS Modeler based on product feature/functionality?
A. Automated modeling and data preparation
B. Intuitive visual interface
C. Scorecards and dashboards
D. Open and scalable architecture
Correct Answer: C

During a meeting a prospective customer states. “R is available at no charge, we can use it in place of commercial
statistics and modeling software at great savings to our organization”. How would you respond?
A. Using R to integrate predictive outputs into an operational environment can be difficult.
B. R does not have a modern graphical user interface, which makes it difficult for non- programmers to use.
C. Using R to integrate predictive outputs into an operational environment can be difficult.
D. R can very quickly consume all available memory.
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: B

A prospect wants to better predict who will respond to his marketing campaigns. He is currently evaluating a variety of
solutions. According to BANT, what information is needed to determine if this opportunity is viable?
A. Identify Authority to Purchase, Determination of Timeline for Acquisition, Assessment of Need, Confirmation of
B. Identify Authority to Purchase, Estimation of Return on Investment, Services and Training Needs Assessment,
Confirmation of Budget
C. Identify Authority to Purchase, Estimation of Return on Investment, Determination of Market Segment Application.
Confirmation of Budget
D. Services and Training Needs Assessment, Determination of Market Segment Application, Assessment of Need,
Determination of Timeline for Acquisition
Correct Answer: B

A Credit Analyst has been tasked with finding a solution to determine an applicant\\’s risk to default on new loan
applications. She will be presenting her findings to an executive committee who will determine which solution to
implement. What role best describes the Credit Analyst?
A. Buyer
B. Decision Maker
C. Implementer
D. Influencer
Correct Answer: D

Which pain point of business executives is best addressed by IBM SPSS Modeler?
A. The need to make smarter decisions at all levels of the organization.
B. Rapidly increasing marketing costs.
C. Inability to automate routine analytics tasks.
D. Regulatory compliance.
Correct Answer: C

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