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The group administrator for a tenant organization wants to create a virtual machine snapshot, but that action is not
available. Which option can the cloud administrator enable to resolve this issue?
A. the Create Snapshot option in the VMware System Policy
B. the Create Snapshot option in the End User Self-Service Policy
C. the Create Snapshot option in the VMware Computing Policy
D. the Create Snapshot option in the User Action Policy
Correct Answer: B

A cloud admin finds that the VMs created by Cisco UCS Director are not receiving a dynamic DHCP address. The
DHCP server resides on a different VLAN from the new VMs.
Which component must be configured for the VMs to receive addresses?
B. IPv6
C. IP helper address
D. Spanning Tree
Correct Answer: C

When RBAC is being used within a UCS Director environment, how can a server team member be delivered the rights
of a network admin?
A. Assigning the Network Admin privileges to the user
B. Copying server workflows into the network team
C. Changing the user\\’s role to Network Admin
D. Creating a new role with privileges from both teams
Correct Answer: A

An engineer is recording debug logs for Cisco UCS Director. What is the maximum recordable time?
A. 1 minute
B. 30 minutes
C. 1 hour
D. 24 hours
Correct Answer: B

Which service is required for a functional PXE install environment in Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent?
Correct Answer: D

Which option lists the three kinds of syslog entries?
A. faults, events, audit logs
B. alerts, critical, syslogs
C. critical, warning, errors
D. faults, events, alerts
Correct Answer: A

Where is the option to customize the front-page layout in Cisco Prime Service Catalog?
A. The front-page layout cannot be customized.
B. Admin > Interface
C. Service Designer > Extensions
D. System
Correct Answer: C

An engineer has installed Cisco MSE for a VSphere client and must edit the provisioned disk size for the VM.
To which menu option must they navigate to perform this task?
A. Hardware
B. Resources
D. Memory
E. Options
Correct Answer: C

Which option can be visually determined when using host group dependency mapping to improve troubleshooting?
A. VMs communication network
B. communication patterns of ESXi hosts
C. resource utilization of Cisco UCS domains
D. underlying infrastructure for a group of hosts.
Correct Answer: C

An engineer must build a cost model and must consider OpEx costs. Which two expenditures fall under OpEx
expenditures? (Choose two.)
A. accounting fees
B. racks, cables, and installation
C. facility construction or acquisition
D. network peripherals
E. payroll
F. server, network, and storage hardware
Correct Answer: BC

An engineer has entered “UserAPIGetInstantDataReport” into Cisco UCS Director.
Which type of report is generated?
A. snapshot report
B. available report
C. tabular report
D. historical report
Correct Answer: A

The IT administrator took a snapshot of a VM before upgrading software. After the upgrade, the administrator is no
longer able to boot up the VM. To reinstate the VM snapshot, which menu option should the administrator choose in
Cisco UCS Director?
A. Revert Snapshot
B. Rollback Snapshot
C. Delete Snapshot
D. Edit Golden Snapshot
Correct Answer: A

Which two are correct methods to execute a workflow in UCS Director Orchestrator? (Choose two.)
A. creating a service request
B. using the Revert Now action
C. using Validation
D. using script automation
E. using the Run Now action
F. using VM Action policy
Correct Answer: EF

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