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Exam Code: 300-135
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0)
Updated: Jun 10, 2017
Q&As: 82

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2017 Cisco 300-135 Dumps PDF (All 82 Q&As) from Pass4itsure:

For a quadratic equation, which of the following is FALSE?
A. If the discriminant is negative, there are no real solutions
B. If the discriminant is zero, there is only one solution
C. If the discriminant is negative there are two different real solutions
D. If the discriminant is positive there are two different real solutions
300-135 dumps Answer: C
The natural logarithm of x is:
A. the inverse function of exp(x)
B. log(e)
C. always greater than x, for x>0
D. 46
Answer: A
When a number is written with a fraction as an exponent, such as , which of the following is the
correct computation?
A. Take the square-root of 75 and raise it to the 5th power
B. Divide 75 by 2, then raise it to the 5th power
C. Multiply 75 by 2.5
D. Square 75, then take the fifth root of it
300-135 pdf Answer: A

You invest $2m in a bank savings account with a constant interest rate of 5% p.a. What is the
value of the investment in 2 years time if interest is compounded quarterly?
A. $2,208,972
B. $2,210,342
C. $2.205,000
D. None of them
Answer: A
Solve the simultaneous linear equations: x + 2y – 2 = 0 and y – 3x = 8
A. x = 1, y = 0.5
B. x = -2, y = 2
C. x = 2, y = 0
D. None of the above
300-135 exam Answer: B
Find the roots, if they exist in the real numbers, of the quadratic equation
A. 4 and -2
B. -4 and 2
C. 1 and 0
D. No real roots
Answer: D
The sum of the infinite series 1+1/2+1/3+1/4+1/5+…. equals:
A. 12
B. Infinity
C. 128
D. 20
300-135 vce Answer: B
Which of the following properties is exhibited by multiplication, but not by addition?
A. associativity
B. commutativity
C. distributivity
D. invertibility
Answer: C
Identify the type and common element (that is, common ratio or common difference) of the
following sequence: 6, 12, 24
A. arithmetic sequence, common difference 2
B. arithmetic sequence, common ratio 2
C. geometric sequence, common ratio 2
D. geometric sequence, common ratio 3
300-135 dumps Answer: C
What is the sum of the first 20 terms of this sequence: 3, 5, 9, 17, 33, 65,…?
A. 1 048 574
B. 1 048 595
C. 2 097 170
D. 2 097 172
Answer: C
What is the simplest form of this expression: log2(165/2)
A. 10
B. 32
C. 5/2 + log2(16)
D. log2 (5/2) + log2(16)
300-135 exam Answer: A
For each of the following functions, indicate whether its graph is concave or convex:
Y = 7×2 + 3x + 9
Y = 6 ln(3x)
Y = exp(-4x)
A. concave, concave, concave
B. concave, convex, convex
C. convex, concave, concave
D. convex, convex, concave
Answer: C

You invest $100 000 for 3 years at a continuously compounded rate of 3%. At the end of 3 years,
you redeem the investment. Taxes of 22% are applied at the time of redemption. What is your
approximate after-tax profit from the investment, rounded to $10?
A. $9420
B. $7350
C. $7230
D. $7100
300-135 pdf Answer: B
Which of the provided answers solves this system of equations?
2y – 3x = 3y +x
y2 + x2 = 68
A. x = 1; y = square root of 67
B. x = 2; y = 8
C. x = 2; y = -8
D. x = -2; y = -8
Answer: C
You intend to invest $100 000 for five years. Four different interest payment options are available.
Choose the interest option that yields the highest return over the five year period.
A. a lump-sum payment of $22 500 on maturity (in five years)
B. an annually compounded rate of 4.15%
C. a quarterly-compounded rate of 4.1%
D. a continuously-compounded rate of 4%
300-135 vce Answer: C


Pass4itsure Cisco https://www.pass4itsure.com/300-135.html dumps completed.
What can I say without breaking NDA:

  • Cisco moves towards IPv6  (finally)
  • a lot of fun during troubleshooting – some tickets trivial, some requires a deeper knowledge
  • time is your friend not enemy on this exam

Pass4itsure 300-135 dumps exam interface is terrible, small windows (even on 22″), problems with console activation, topology should be visible all the time (not on one of the windows)
– emulated devices shows all the options from the real devices – most of them – unusable
– no traceroute command on client devices
Anyway – one exam left – the most tricky and demanding – ROUTE.