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Specialist – Implementation Engineer – VxRail Appliance Exam
Updated: Sep 16, 2020
Q&As: 196

You have been assigned to perform a hardware installation of three G560 nodes in a 4-post rack However, only static
rails are included with this shipment.
What is the best way to proceed?
A. Order sliding rails, since these are required for the installation
B. You cannot proceed because these nodes cannot be installed in 4-dost rack
C. Install cable management arms in the rack
D. Proceed directly because these nodes can be installed in a 4 post rack
Correct Answer: D

What components of a VxRail node must be assigned IP addresses?
A. ESXi host, vCenter, ESRS. and iDRAC
B. vSAN, vCenter, vRealize tog Insight, and vMotion
C. ESXi host, vSAN, vCenter, and ESRS
D. ESXi host, vSAN, vMotion, and iDRAC
Correct Answer: D

Which settings would be expect to find in the VxRAIL_SYSTEM-STORAGE=PROFILE?
A. FTT=2 Object space reservation (%) – 0
B. FTT = 1 Object space reservation (%) – 100
C. FTT = 2 Object space reservation (%) – 100
D. FTT = 1 Object space reservation (%) = 0
Correct Answer: B

Which integrated backup solution is included with VxRail at no additional cost?
A. Dell EMC Data Protection Suite
B. VMware vSphere Data Protection
C. VMware VM Snapshots
D. Dell EMC NetWorker
Correct Answer: B

A company has chosen to deploy an external vCenter/PSC. They would like to use the bundled vCenter license that
comes with VxRail.
What is the correct procedure to do this?
A. Contact EMC Licensing to have a replacement vCenter license generated.Next, license the newly created
vCenter.Last, deploy VxRail with external vCenter.
B. Contact VMware Licensing to have a replacement vCenter license generated.Next, license the newly created
vCenter.Last, deploy VxRail with external vCenter.
C. Log into VxRail Manager through SSH and extract the vCenter license key from the application properties file.Next,
license the newly created vCenter.Last, deploy VxRail with external vCenter.
D. Bundled vCenter license is only valid when vCenter is internally deployed. The company must provide their own
vCenter license.
Correct Answer: D

A BMC interface webpage is reachable but unresponsive.
What should be done to resolve this problem?
A. NDU to latest bundle of VxRail software
B. Reboot the node
C. Reset the BMC through/tmp/vspexblue/bin/ipmitool mc reset cold
D. Upgrade the BMC firmware
Correct Answer: B

What is the VxRail maximum cluster size if using 10 GbE links?
A. 8
B. 16
C. 32 with an RPQ
D. 64 with an RPQ
Correct Answer: D

How long is the grace period for the vSphere evaluation licenses in a new VxRail implementation?
A. 30 days
B. 45 days
C. 60 days
D. 90 days
Correct Answer: C

Where are the vSAN logs stored?
A. vCenter logs
B. Standard ESXi host logs
C. Master vSAN node
D. vSAN appliance VM
Correct Answer: B

Where is the VxRail Manager pre-installed on a newly shipped, 4 node VxRail Model G410 system?
A. Node with the highest serial number
B. Bottom-right node from the front
C. All nodes
D. First node
Correct Answer: D

After a successful installation, where in VxRail Manager should you collect logs?
A. CONFIG > General > Log Collection > Generate New Log Bundle
B. CONFIG > General > System Diagnostics > Generate New Log Bundle
C. CONFIG > System > Log Collection > Diagnose
D. CONFIG > System > System Diagnostics > Diagnose
Correct Answer: C

Which VxRail Pre-Installation Site Checklist worksheet is auto-populated?
A. Network Basics
B. Switch Config Actuals
C. VxRail Network Configuration
D. Begin Here
Correct Answer: B

Which step of the VxRail Initialization wizard may time out if the user does not proceed to the next step within 20
A. Build complete screen
B. Review expected nodes list
C. Review and validate
D. Configuration of the VxRail Manager IP address
Correct Answer: C

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