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A technician is setting up a new wireless network at a branch office that previously had only wired connectivity with
statically assigned IP addresses. After setting up the network, the technician configures a server to provide IP
addresses to wireless clients. During testing, the technician is unable to access the Internet or named network
resources. The technician receives a valid IP address from the DHCP server and can ping the default gateway. Which
of the following should be technician check NEXT to resolve this issue?
A. Ensure the options are configured to provide a DNS server.
B. Verify the Windows Firewall is turned off.
C. Configure the wireless network\\’s SSID to be hidden.
D. Enable file and printer sharing in the OS.
Correct Answer: A

A user received a new workstation but is unable to print successfully to the shared network printer. Other users are able
to print without issues. Some recent OS updates were applied to the workstation, and all other services are working fine.
The technician checks the printer\\’s properties and notices it is configured for LPT1. Which of the following should be
performed NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?
A. Update the printer description name.
B. Clean the print heads.
C. Restart the print spooler.
D. Configure a new printer port.
Correct Answer: D

A user\\’s laptop is shutting down unexpectedly. The technician discovers the shutdowns only happen when the laptop is
moved from one room to another. The technician reseated the hard drive, memory, battery, and LCD cable, but the
laptop continues to shut down. Which of the following is the MOST probable cause of the issue?
A. Residual energy on the motherboard
B. System overheating
C. Distended capacitors
D. Loose battery connection
E. CMOS battery failure
Correct Answer: D

A technician is deploying PCs in a new office that has both wired and wireless connectivity. The deployment must be
competed quickly, since the office is scheduled to open soon. Which of the following must the technician perform to
ensure the devices are ready for use when the newly hired employees arrive? (Choose two.)
A. Create system policies and configurations.
B. Set up local accounts per station.
C. Set up mailbox quotas per account.
D. Install the OS and applications.
E. Synchronize user files to the cloud.
F. Map the network drives.
Correct Answer: BD

A technician installed a new printer for a client and successfully printed a test page. The next day, the customer reports
there are garbled characters on printed pages. The technician questions the user and discovers OS updates were
applied overnight. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?
A. If the device appears in the Device Manager
B. If the correct printer driver is selected
C. If the printer\\’s onboard memory is low
D. If the Windows Print Spooler service is running
Correct Answer: B

A technician is selecting a projector for a conference room that always has a significant amount of light due to the
building design. Which of the following is the MOST Important property In this case?
A. Resolution
B. Lumen output
C. Keystone
D. Contrast
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Correct Answer: D

A computer that had been running properly for about three years no longer boots. A technician observes the computer
attempts to pass POST but it beeps three times before crashing. The computer then attempts to boot again and repeats
the process. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?
A. Mismatched memory speed type
B. Improperly seated memory modules
C. Malfunctioning memory modules
D. Incorrect memory type installed
Correct Answer: B

A business owner wants to filter objectionable content from being accessed with an internet browser. Which of the
following network devices would be BEST suited for this task?
B. Web server
C. Firewall
D. Proxy server
Correct Answer: D

An application is not responding on a user\\’s workstation. After doing some research, a technician determines the drive
is out of space. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
A. Implement storage alerts to be notified if it happens again
B. Run diagnostics and review the system logs
C. Ask the user what happened before the application stopped responding.
D. Identify files that can be deleted or removed.
Correct Answer: D

An instructor had been lecturing for 20 minutes and utilizing the overhead projection system, when the projector
suddenly went blank. A technician was dispatched and was able to start the projector after several minutes; however,
the screen went blank after briefly displaying the slideshow. Which of the following would be the technician\\’s NEXT
best option?
A. Install a new bulb
B. Reseat the VGA cable
C. Reboot the laptop
D. Check the projector cooling fan
E. Adjust the projector\\’s sleep settings
Correct Answer: D

Ann, a user, has been unable to print Jo the network printer. While attempting to print a document, she noticed the
printer was turned off. She then turned the printer on but still could not print. The technician who Is assisting Ann asks If
she rebooted her PC. but Ann says she did not have time due to a meeting. Other users who arrived to work after her
are able to print successfully. The technician looks at Ann\\’s workstation and sees the printer is grayed out. Which of
the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?
A. The print queue is backed up and needs to be cleaned out.
B. DHCP has assigned a new IP address to the printer.
C. The printer is appearing as offline and needs to be set as online.
D. A duplicate IP address Is conflicting with the printer\\’s IP.
Correct Answer: B

An application developer has a high-end Windows 10 laptop, but the VM crashes when multiple applications are opened
within it. Which of the following should a technician configure to resolve the issue? (Select TWO).
A. Ethernet
B. Memory
E. Processes
F. Gateway
G. Startup
Correct Answer: BG

Joe, a user, recently purchased a new multifunction printer and attempted to install it himself. He informed a technician
that the printer is on his list of printers, but he is unable to print. The technician sees that the printer is listed as a generic
printer under Devices and Printers. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
A. Reboot the computer into safe mode and try to print a test page
B. Download the correct drivers from the manufacturer\\’s website and install them
C. Unplug the USB cable from the printer and try another USB slot on the PC
D. Set the printer as the default within the device properties
Correct Answer: B

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