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Exam Code: 70-767
Exam Name: Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse (beta)
Q&As: 112

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70-767 dumps

2017 Microsoft 70-767 Dumps (All 112 Q&As) from Pass4itsure:

8. 1.H.1: As the ADM cycle is completed for a given architecture program, the architecture staff is
responsible for .
A. Project planning
B. Final appraisal of the implemented architecture
C. Ongoing monitoring of business and technology changes related to the architecture work
D. Implementation Governance
E. Internal marketing of the solution
70-767 exam Answer: C
9. 1.R.1: When can new requirements be added to the requirement management repository?
A. during each phase of the ADM
B. at the Architecture Vision phase
C. anytime during Phases A through D
D. only upon completion of a business scenario
E. when submitting the Request for Architecture Work
Answer: A
10. 2.5: Who usually initiates a Request for Architecture Work?
A. the sponsoring organization
B. the architecture organization
C. the CIO/CTO
D. the architecture governance board
E. senior management
70-767 dumps Answer: A
11. 2.18: A Technical Architecture Report should contain all of these items except .
A. requirements traceability analysis
B. project impact analysis
C. technology architecture models

D. technical specification for each building block
E. gap analysis report
Answer: B
12. 2.23: The final version of an Impact Analysis should contain all of the following except .
A. prioritized projects
B. enhanced budget forecasts
C. time ordered sequencing
D. Implementation recommendations
E. measures of effectiveness
70-767 pdf Answer: B
13. 3.1.1: Which of the following would be a good example of an infrastructure application?
A. Virtual Private Network
B. System and Network Management system
C. e-Mail
D. Office (desktop) software
E. All of these
Answer: E
14. 3.1.3: In the high level Technical Reference Model .
A. all of these
B. the application directly communicates to the outside environment
C. the application communicates with the application platform through the communications infrastructure
D. it is possible to analyze performance crtieria
E. the communication infrastructure is very diverse
70-767 vce Answer: E
15. 4.1.4: The Architecture Continuum the Solutions Continuum.

A. drives
B. is driven by
C. is designed to satisfy
D. is based on
E. guides and supports the evolution of
Answer: E
16. 5.2: The U.S. Department of Defense C4ISR Architecture framework (now DODAF) provides an
integrated architecture model with three views. Which of these sets of views is provided?
A. logical, physical, financial
B. operational, technical, systems
C. logical, physical, operational D.
strategic, tactical, operational E.
strategic, systems, operations
70-767 exam Answer: B
17. 6.1.1: Which of the following is not true about the nature of governance?
A. All of these are characterisitics of governance.
B. Provides guidance on the effective use of resources to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives
C. Ensure that all actions and related decisions are available to be examined by authorized parties
D. All decisions taken, processes used and their implementation will not be allowed to create unfair
advantage to any one particular party.
E. All involved parties have a commitment to adhere to procedures, processes and authority structures
established by the organisation.
Answer: A
18. 6.2.2: In TOGAF’s Architecture Governance organizational structure, which group is chiefly
responsible for deployment and operations?
A. domain architects
B. IT service management
C. Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer

D. program management office
E. technical support
70-767 dumps Answer: B
19. 1.A.2: Typically, business goals and drivers have already been established and need only be validated.
If this is not true, what process should be followed?
A. Resequence the project to occur later in the overall program
B. The team should work with the project sponsor to create a set of goals and objectives and to validate
those goals and objectives with top management
C. The project team should create a set of placeholder goals and objectives
D. Place the project on hold until a suitable set of business goals and objectives can be defined by top
E. Benchmark with a similar, noncompeting organization, and adopt their best practices for business
goals and objectives
Answer: B
20. 1.A.5: During the Architecture Vision phase, what would be a typical source of enterprise wide
A. The results of a detailed gap analysis
B. The project plan for the given architecture activity
C. External benchmarks
D. The organization’s business and architecture principles
E. The architecture contract
70-767 pdf Answer: D

21.Which statement is true about data import?
A. It can be initiated through web services.
B. It can be initiated through FileWatcher.
C. It must be initiated through the GUI.
D. It creates a new version of the record when a duplicate is imported
Answer: A
22.Which three actions are supported in an Initialization Rulebase type? (Choose three.)
A. propagate some attribute values to child records
B. fill up a dropdown from a datasource
C. limit access to attributes/groups of attributes
D. assign default values to the attributes of a new record
E. create a SoftLink
70-767 vce Answer: A,C,D
23.You have made changes to the “allmenu.xml” file to include access to the TIBCO MDM User Guide
Which file must be redeployed to make the User Guide available in the Menu List?
A. ECM.war
B. EML.ear
C. ECM.ear

D. EML.war
Answer: C
24.Which activity allows for running a rule in a workflow?
A. EvaluateSubset
B. InterpretCommand
C. EvaluateRuleBase
D. IdentifyActionType
70-767 exam Answer: C
25.Click on the two correct index configurations.
A. Option a
B. Option b
C. Option c
D. Option d
70-767 dumps Answer: A,C
26.TIBCO MDM supports which two methods of external system integration? (Choose Two.)
A. Java Messaging Service
B. Java Remote Method Invocation

C. Web Services
D. Enterprise JavaBeans
Answer: B,D

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