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A penetration tester is performing a code review against a web application Given the following URL and source code:


A penetration tester is performing a code review against a web application Given the following URL and source code:
pto-001 exam question q1
Which of the following vulnerabilities is present in the code above?
A. SQL injection
B. Cross-site scripting
C. Command injection
D. LDAP injection
Correct Answer: C

A systems security engineer is preparing to conduct a security assessment of some new applications. The applications
were provided to the engineer as a set that contains only JAR files. Which of the following would be the MOST detailed
method to gather information on the inner workings of these applications?
A. Launch the applications and use dynamic software analysis tools, including fuzz testing.
B. Use a static code analyzer on the JAR files to look for code quality deficiencies.
C. Decompile the applications to approximate source code and then conduct a manual review.
D. Review the details and extensions of the certificate used to digitally sign the code and the application.
Correct Answer: A

A healthcare organization must abide by local regulations to protect and attest to the protection of personal health
information of covered individuals. Which of the following conditions should a penetration tester specifically test for when
performing an assessment? (Select TWO).
A. Cleartext exposure of SNMP trap data
B. Software bugs resident in the IT ticketing system
C. S/MIME certificate templates defined by the CA
D. Health information communicated over HTTP
E. DAR encryption on records servers
Correct Answer: DE

The results of a basic compliance scan show a subset of assets on a network. This data differs from what is shown on
the network architecture diagram, which was supplied at the beginning of the test. Which of the following are the MOST
likely causes for this difference? (Select TWO)
A. Storage access
B. Limited network access
C. Misconfigured DHCP server
D. Incorrect credentials
E. Network access controls
Correct Answer: AB
Which of the following BEST protects against a rainbow table attack?
A. Increased password complexity
B. Symmetric encryption
C. Cryptographic salting
D. Hardened OS configurations
Correct Answer: A
A company\\’s corporate policies state that employees are able to scan any global network as long as it is done within
working hours. Government laws prohibit unauthorized scanning. Which of the following should an employee abide by?
A. Company policies must be followed in this situation
B. Laws supersede corporate policies
C. Industry standards receding scanning should be followed
D. The employee must obtain written approval from the company\\’s Chief Information Security Officer (ClSO) prior to
Correct Answer: D
A security consultant found a SCADA device in one of the VLANs in scope. Which of the following actions would BEST
create a potentially destructive outcome against device?
A. Launch an SNMP password brute force attack against the device.
B. Lunch a Nessus vulnerability scan against the device.
C. Launch a DNS cache poisoning attack against the device.
D. Launch an SMB exploit against the device.
Correct Answer: A
During an engagement, a consultant identifies a number of areas that need further investigation and require an
extension of the engagement. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the engagement may not be able to
A. The consultant did not sign an NDA.
B. The consultant was not provided with the appropriate testing tools.
C. The company did not properly scope the project.
D. The initial findings were not communicated to senior leadership.
Correct Answer: C
Given the following script:

pto-001 exam question q9

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of this script?
A. Log collection
B. Event logging
C. Keystroke monitoring
D. Debug message collection
Correct Answer: C
A penetration tester is performing a wireless penetration test. Which of the following are some vulnerabilities that might
allow the penetration tester to easily and quickly access a WPA2-protected access point?
A. Deauthentication attacks against an access point can allow an opportunity to capture the four-way handshake, which
can be used to obtain and crack the encrypted password.
B. Injection of customized ARP packets can generate many initialization vectors quickly, making it faster to crack the
password, which can then be used to connect to the WPA2-protected access point.
C. Weak implementations of the WEP can allow pin numbers to be guessed quickly, which can then be used to retrieve
the password, which can then be used to connect to the WEP-protected access point.
D. Rainbow tables contain all possible password combinations, which can be used to perform a brute-force password
attack to retrieve the password, which can then be used to connect to the WPA2-protected access point.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following BEST explains why it is important to maintain confidentiality of any identified findings when
performing a penetration test?
A. Penetration test findings often contain company intellectual property
B. Penetration test findings could lead to consumer dissatisfaction if made pubic
C. Penetration test findings are legal documents containing privileged information
D. Penetration test findings can assist an attacker in compromising a system
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following tools is used to perform a credential brute force attack?
A. Hydra
B. John the Ripper
C. Hashcat
D. Peach
Correct Answer: A
Reference https://www.greycampus.com/blog/information-security/brute-force-attacks-prominent-tools-totackle-suchattacks

A security guard observes an individual entering the building after scanning a badge. The facility has a strict badge-in
and badge-out requirement with a turnstile. The security guard then audits the badge system and finds two log entries
for the badge in question within the last 30 minutes. Which of the following has MOST likely occurred?
A. The badge was cloned.
B. The physical access control server is malfunctioning.
C. The system reached the crossover error rate.
D. The employee lost the badge.
Correct Answer: A

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