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EMC Converged Infrastructure DEA-64T1 Online Exam Practice Questions

What is a characteristic of Cisco UCS Blade servers?
A. Dedicated power cords and networks cables are required
B. No dedicated power cords or network cables are needed
C. Requires a serial connection
D. Contain redundant power supplies
Correct Answer: D

What is an important role, seldom seen in traditional IT organizations, that is new in iTaaS?
A. Business Relationship Manager
B. Strategic Account Manager
C. Service Account Manager
D. Operations Managers
Correct Answer: A

An organization wants to jumpstart their path to Digital Transformation through IT Transformation. What are the three
activities included in IT Transformation?
A. Modernize, Capitalize, and Organize
B. Automate, Virtualize, and Transform
C. Transform, Automate, and Modernize
D. Digitize, Automate, and Transform
Correct Answer: C

A software development company wants to refresh their existing infrastructure. One of their goals is to enable faster
development times for their products. The development teams indicate that their biggest delays are caused by having to
wait for the infrastructure teams to provision new VMs and networks for test environments.
Which Dell EMC platform would meet all of the company\\’s requirements without the addition of optional components?
A. VxBlock 500
B. VxRack FLEX
C. VxRack SDDC
D. VxRail
Correct Answer: A

A Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure system contains the following components: Segregated Network Dell EMC Unity
Storage Cisco Compute
Which platform is it?
A. VxBlock 300
B. VxBlock 500
C. VxRack FLEX
D. VxBlock 700
Correct Answer: A

What feature of the Cisco UCS compute platform in a Dell EMC VxBlock system helps to provide application high
A. Fabric Interconnects support the addition of expansion modules
B. Redundant components ensure there is no single point of failure
C. Each of the Fabric Extenders in a chassis connects to both Fabric Interconnects
D. Each blade server has a dedicated power supply
Correct Answer: C

What is the minimum number of pairs of Fabric Interconnects in a VxBlock System?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: A

Which security concept focuses on minimizing the number of security breach points on the platform?
A. Vulnerability Management
B. Security Event Management
C. Threat Management
D. Identity Access Management
Correct Answer: D

What is one factor that differentiates a public cloud from a private cloud?
A. Applications and data are managed by the customer in a private cloud
B. Private cloud resources are owned and managed by a single entity
C. Firewall protection is not required in a private cloud
D. Private cloud resources must reside on the company\\’s premises
Correct Answer: B

Which Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure system includes DAEs and a DPE?
A. VxBlock 500
B. VxBlock 700
C. VxRack FLEX
D. VxBlock 300
Correct Answer: D

What is the most common obstacle businesses encounter as they pursue Digital Transformation?
A. Lack of budget and resources
B. Data privacy and security concerns
C. Lack of executive support
D. Inadequate expertise and skills
Correct Answer: C

What actions together let organizations shift from “keeping the lights on” to revenue-generating activities?
A. Transforming and Automating
B. Strategizing and Modernizing
C. Modernizing and Automating
D. Transforming and Strategizing
Correct Answer: A

Which EMC Hyper-Converged system has an architecture based on modular building blocks, enabling deployments to
be scaled linearly from 1 to 32 appliances using customer network switches?
A. VxRack SDDC
B. VxRack FLEX
C. Vision Intelligent System
D. VxRail
Correct Answer: D

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