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Exam Code: 70-475
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions
Updated: Aug 23, 2017
Q&As: 42

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70-475 dumps

2017 Microsoft 70-475 Dumps (All 261 Q&As) from Pass4itsure:

1. What is another term commonly used for NAT?
A. IP spoofing
B. IP masquerading
C. IP address proxying
D. IP packet address translation
70-475 exam Answer: B
2. Which three can a proxy-based firewall do? (Choose three.)
A. hide addresses on the internal network
B. track each connection across all interfaces
C. inspect encrypted traffic at the application layer
D. allow for logging of events at the application layer
Answer: ABD
3. Your customer has configured their internal network to use the network and is using NAT
to route to the Internet. They are complaining that the Symantec LiveUpdate service is not functioning
properly. How should you fix the problem?
A. Configure the NAT to use dynamic DNS.
B. Configure the NAT to route the network to the Internet.
C. Reconfigure the internal network to use an accepted private network address.
D. Add a static route from the network to the Symantec LiveUpdate servers.
70-475 dumps Answer: C
4. How many host IP addresses can a network with a subnet mask of support?
A. 62
B. 64
C. 126
D. 128
Answer: A
5. Which security technology supports encryption and encapsulation to ensure that data cannot be
compromised in transit?
D. Kerberos
70-475 pdf Answer: B
6. Which two methods are used by VPN technology to ensure data confidentiality? (Choose two.)

B. MD5
Answer: AD
7. Which three addresses are non-routable on the public Internet? (Choose three.)
70-475 vce Answer: ABD
8. Which three layers can a firewall use to process network traffic? (Choose three.)
A. network
B. physical
C. data link
D. transport
Answer: ACD
9. How do you ensure that Symantec Enterprise Firewall content filtering is based on a current list of
restricted topics or sites?
A. Use LiveUpdate to download ratings list.
B. Purchase a third-party ratings subscription.
C. Download ratings lists from the Symantec Web site.
D. Configure a referral to an external site and content blocking service.
70-475 exam Answer: A
10. Which three conditions must be met on each firewall when configuring a Symantec Enterprise Firewall
cluster? (Choose three.)
A. same OS version
B. same hardware platform C.
same external IP address D.
multimode fiber interfaces
E. same number of node licenses
Answer: ABE
11. Which three are shipped with Symantec Enterprise Firewall? (Choose three.)

A. pre-configured IPSec/IKE policies B.
pre-configured IPSec/IPv4 policies C.
pre-configured IPSec/Static policies
D. a single Symantec Client VPN license
70-475 dumps Answer: ACD
12. Which two methods can you use to limit Symantec Enterprise Firewall VPN tunnel traffic? (Choose
A. Pass traffic to proxies.
B. Modify the global IKE policy.
C. Create a filter and apply it to an interface.
D. Create a filter and apply it to the VPN policy.
Answer: AD
13. Which two Security Gateway Management Interface (SGMI) methods can you use to allow outbound
SMTP and HTTP traffic if you did not configure these traffic options at the time you installed the Symantec
Enterprise Firewall? (Choose two.)
A. Protocol Tab
B. Policy Wizard
C. System Setup Wizard
D. Rules tab in the Policy Window
70-475 pdf Answer: BD
14. In which two formats are Symantec Enterprise Firewall reports available? (Choose two.)
email D.
Answer: BD
15. Which three authentication methods does Symantec Enterprise Firewall support? (Choose three.)
B. iisProtect
D. Bellcore S/Key
70-475 vce Answer: ACD
16. Which three notification methods can be configured via the Security Gateway Management Interface
(SGMI)? (Choose three.)

A. fax
pager D.
E. client program
Answer: CDE
17. Which Symantec Enterprise Firewall task must you perform to ensure proper functioning of DNSd for
a security gateway facing the Internet?
A. Disable public zone files on the security gateway.
B. Configure a DNS forwarder to point to a root name server.
C. Configure the public recursion record on the security gateway.
D. Configure the DNS server search order to point to the Internet root servers.
E. Ensure network connectivity to the Internet root name servers on the security gateway.
70-475 exam Answer: E
18. Which option should you use to remove a node from a Symantec Enterprise Firewall cluster?
A. Kill Node
B. Delete Node
C. Modify Cluster
D. Configure Cluster
Answer: C
19. What is the Symantec Enterprise Firewall default port for UDP encapsulation data transfer?
A. 117
B. 418
C. 786
D. 1723
70-475 dumps Answer: C
20. Which Symantec Enterprise Firewall wizard or tab is used to configure high availability?
A. HA/LB Wizard
B. Cluster Wizard
C. Performance tab
D. High Availability Status tab
Answer: B
21.Which of the following statements describing the consequences of specifying test conditions at a
detailed level is NOT true?
A. In an environment where the test basis is continuously changing, it is recommended to specify test
conditions at a detailed level in order to achieve a better maintainability
B. The specification of test conditions at a detailed level can be effective when no formal requirements or
other development work products are available
C. The specification of test conditions at a detailed level can require the implementation of an adequate
level of formality across the team
D. For system testing, the specification of test conditions at a detailed level, carried out early in the project
as soon as the test basis is established, can contribute to defect prevention
70-475 pdf Answer: A
22.Assume you are the Test Manager for a new software release of an e-commerce application.
The server farm consists of six servers providing different capabilities. Each capability is provided through
a set of web services. The requirements specification document contains several SLAs
(Service Level Agreements) like the following:
SLA-001: 99.5 percent of all transactions shall have a response time less than five seconds under a load
of up-to 5000 concurrent users
The main objective is to assure that all the SLAs specified in the requirements specification document will
be met before system release. You decide to apply a risk-based testing strategy and an early risk analysis
confirms that performance is high risk. You can count on a well-written requirements specification and on a
model of the system behavior under various load levels produced by the system architect.
Which of the following test activities would you expect to be the less important ones to achieve the test
objectives in this scenario?
A. Perform unit performance testing for each single web service
B. Monitor the SLAs after the system has been released into the production environment
C. Perform system performance testing, consisting of several performance testing sessions, to verify if all
the SLAs have been met
D. Perform static performance testing by reviewing the architectural model of the system under various
load levels
Answer: B

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